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For some years Alfs Larder Food and Shelter (Alfs Animals) has operated out of Hertford as a community organisation focusing on collecting animal food and accessories and distributing it to families which can no  longer feed their pets, and  also, when for whatever reason an owner cannot keep their pet, Alfs Animals can provide fostering and rehoming.


After Russia started its attack on Ukraine in February 2022, Alfs Animals felt moved to support the care of so many  abandoned, ill or famished animals in Ukraine. However, after Tina Banks visited Ukraine the sheer scale of the humanitarian disaster became apparent to her. She was determined to do all she could to collect as much humanitarian aid as possible and to send regular supplies to communities which  were in desperate need.

As it became apparent that the war would not come to an end any time soon a decision was taken that the humanitarian aid would best be delivered through a separate  and distinct charity. Alfs Humanitarian Aid CIO (Alfs Ukraine) was finally registered as a charity on 30 August 2023.  Alfs Ukraine and Alfs Animals could be described as sister organisations although they operate entirely separately and with separate objectives

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How We Operate

Through personal visits and regular conversations, close working relationships  with reliable contacts in Poland and Ukraine have developed and been nurtured  and tested over time. Alfs has warehouse facilities in Volodymyr in Ukraine (close to the boarder with Poland) and delivers aid across Ukraine including to Kherson, Bakhmut and Chernihiv amongst others.The aid Alfs Ukraine delivers to these communities has been specifically requested by them. We usually  send a lorry  (plus trailer) load of aid every 4-6 weeks. In 2023 we sent 9 lorry loads typically with 22 pallets of aid each time.


 The aid which Alfs Ukraine sends has been donated either as specific items from  the list or as cash from which we purchase items. The list of requested aid varies from time to time according to changing needs.  Alfs Ukraine aims to be a constant supporter of these communities enabling them to rely on aid from Alfs Ukraine reaching them regularly.


We have collection points in Hertfordshire and  a dedicated warehouse unit in Cheshunt and we have HMRC approval to apply gift aid. 

 Examples of aid we have sent include: Generators, gas stoves, torches, tourniquets; sanitary products, toiletries, vitamins, instant food, baby clothes for a premature baby clinic, nappies; educational equipment; and old phones and tablets.

Examples of specific projects:

  • An ambulance largely funded from the profits of a village pantomime

  • A church group filling 170 boxes  with a variety of sweets as Christmas treats for children plus a Christmas card  with a warm message in English and Ukrainian

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Who We Are


Tina Banks

Founder and Trustee. Tina has been an active and successful business woman , for many years running her own business. She established Alfs Animals and is the primary link  with trusted contacts in Poland and Ukraine. She speaks regularly at events and actively communicates with supporters. She also runs the Alfs Ukraine warehouse. She drove the ambulance (see above) across Ukraine to the front line at Bakhmud.

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Mike Carpenter

Trustee. Mike is a retired solicitor who specialised in charity law and was one time the Executive Legal Commissioner at the Charity Commission.

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Harrison Banks

Harrison worked for over 10 years in a family business which was sold after the covid pandemic. Since then he has changed course and is currently training to be a plumber.

Who We've Helped

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